The Estate of Francis Bacon

The Estate of Francis Bacon passed upon Bacon’s death to his sole heir, John Edwards, companion and friend of the artist for the last sixteen years of his life. Edwards donated the contents of the Reece Mews studio to the Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane in 1998.

Following Edwards’ own death in 2003 a substantial part of his estate was left to the benefit of philanthropic works in the name of Francis Bacon. Today, the Estates of Francis Bacon and John Edwards are responsible for the funding of the Catalogue Raisonné of the Works of Francis Bacon, a research grant for the artist’s biography and the support of a variety of pertinent exhibition, publications, films and scholarly research into the painter and his times.

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  1. Two years ago I think I saw a sculpture by Francis Bacon at the Paula March Museu in Palma. I have a photograph of it but would like to know if I am correct and the date of the sculpture

    1. Thank you for your question. Francis Bacon is known to have been an admirer of sculpture, but to never have attempted it himself, however if you’d like to send us your photograph we’ll provide any available information we may have:

      Additionally, if you would like to read about Francis Bacon’s interest in sculpture, you may be interested in the following Guardian article from 2013:

  2. hello, I’ve a question. I live in Pau, in France, and at the museum of art here is an exibithion of Visat, and there’s also written ”works by Francis Bacon, Max ernst…” ecc. I’d like to know wich works are exposed there ? thanks for your time, Greetings, Matteo

    1. Hi Matteo, Thanks for getting in touch. Could you please give us more details about this: if possible, the name of the museum and perhaps you could tell us where did you see ”works by Francis Bacon, Max ernst…” written?

      Thank you,

      The Estate of Francis Bacon

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